Saturday, July 23, 2011

Thank God for Freedom

I thank God for the freedoms he has given me. I grew up a very poor child from a broken home. My mother dropped out of school in 8th grade. She lived in a children's home with her brother and 2 sisters for many years. Her mother was Native American and battled with alcohol addictions. My mother married my father, who battled with drug addictions until he died at age 50 of a massive heart attack. My mother died of cancer at 56.

I share this with you because through all of this, I have still been able to make it through my journey with obesity. Because of my parents' struggles, I also lived in a children's home for 2 years during high school - however I chose to look for solutions, not problems. I became a very good student, learned how to budget, work, and the value of a good education. I can actually thank my mother for teaching me these skills, even though she dropped out of school. She cleaned houses for a living - so she taught me the fine art of "clean as you go".

Through my journey of health and wellness, I also learned how to eat right, exercise right, and live my financial life right. Health and Wealth work together. God has taught me to lean on him through the good and the bad times. Depend on him and he will see you through.

I now help others daily because of my own journey. This is my third year being a healthy and fit person. I have no regrets. I can look back and see all the positive changes that have happened in my life as the pounds fell off. I gave myself permission to let go of the weight and let God take control of my life.

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