Thursday, February 10, 2011

Starting my 3rd year being a healthy and fit person!

As of January 19th - I have now started my 3rd year being healthy and fit! I look back at this incredible journey and life has truly become amazing! I feel like a new woman! Being happy, healthy, and fit - plus paying it forward has been such a blessing from God. I wake up every day knowing that I have choices in life and am not a prisoner to my old unhealthy habits.

Since the Family Circle Magazine story came out last month - not a day goes by that someone in the United States gets ahold of me and says that I have been an inspiration to them. Whenever I hear this - it only motivates me MORE to reach out and help others on their health and fitness journey!

I pray to continue being positive, healthy, happy, and motivating others! This is a REVOLUTION and we are making changes - one person at a time! :) Continue on your journeys everyone! I am truly here for you!

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