Monday, September 16, 2013

Living life to it's fullest!!!!

Welcome Fall Everyone! I've been having such a wonderful time with family and friends this early Fall Season.  We are shutting our pool down this week now that the weather is starting to get cool at night.  I bought a leaf blower yesterday so that will be my new toy for a while! I had fun blowing the leaves on our decks yesterday! Good exercise too!  Enjoying spending time with my "Fab 5" girls from high school on Saturday! We hit all the clubs in our home town - The Springfield Country Club, then the old Northwood Hills Country Club (The Elks), and then O'Conners! Fun fun fun!

Sunday, our family had our Christmas Party planning meeting and that went great too! A big Thank You to our daughter and son-in-law Jamie and Shawn Jackson for pulling this meeting together! Looking forward to the upcoming holiday season!

The South Vienna Corn Festival was so much fun this year! Enjoyed the parade, shopping, and seeing friends!  Our grandchildren had fun on the rides too.

Chuck has been busy at work with our huge home renovation project.  He is starting to build our screened in back porch this week!  I am really looking forward to this porch!  Chuck has done the siding for our home, new shutters, a mud room, and the new porch project, then gutters! Then we will be moving inside for winter to do more!  I thank God every day for giving us the opportunity to fix up our home! It is looking beautiful!

All of these activities I have mentioned keep me young and alive!  I move, move, move, like an ever ready battery!!  So thankful for my good health, good job, good family and good friends!  Life is good and I am one happy woman!!!!  Enjoy your Fall!

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