Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My homework for the week - find out nutritional info @ bakery

This week my homework from weight watchers was to check with our local bakery (that shall remain nameless) and see if they are releasing nutritional information. I called one of their newest locations on the north end of town and spoke with a manager. She said that the State of Ohio has made guidelines which is going to make them have to release this information - however they do not have it ready yet. They are building a new production plant and the nutritional information has been put on the "back burner" for now. Also - she told me that all of their baked goods are deep fried in shortening and that there were no healthy choices at all. She was very honest with me. She did not try to "sugar coat" anything about their baked goods and how they are made. She said that there are no healthy choice items to choose from on their menu. This actually makes it easier for me to avoid foods like this when I have learned how to make healthy recipes to substitute the unhealthy choices. Remember - You do have choices in life as to what you put inside your body. Remember that with each choice that you make. Was it a good one? Was it a choice that you needed to make - or wanted to make? Will this choice affect your health? How will it make you feel in the long run?

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